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Where are you located?
  • We are located in Binghamton NY 13905.

Do you mix breeds?
  • No, we DO NOT mix breeds. I have found in my experience that when you mix breeds you will get all of the bad genetics from both breeds rather than all of the good.

Do you board after pickup day?
  • Yes, most times we can. The cost is currently 30.00 a day or 150.00 per week after the 9 week pick up day given.

Are your puppies sold on a contract?
  • Yes, all of our puppies are sold on contracts. The pets are sold on a spay/neuter contract and show puppies are sold on contracts based on the needs of our buyers.

What are the benefits to an AKC registration?
  • Benefits of a limited registration w AKC: You have legal proof the pup is yours and is a purebred, which breed it is, the age, gender, color, who the breeder is and an official akc pedigree (optional but, I always get it). You can also DNA test w AKC if registered also an optional service. The benefit is to have a permanent record of who your dog is and where it came from. You can also receive discount services through your local kennel club like discounted obedience classes and discounted health clinics which can include but, are not limited to Cerf, BAER, Cardiac and Patella clinics. Benefits to a full AKC registration: All of the benefits of the limited registration plus, all pups produced will also be registrable and you can participate in AKC shows/events for points to championship.

Do your puppies come with a guarantee?
  • Yes, all of our puppies come with a minimum of a one year guarantee and that can be increased to 2 years with a full akc registration. We also guarantee for life that if you ever don't want or can't keep the puppy we will take him/her back whenever possible no matter what the age.

How do deposits work?
  • A deposit/reservation fee of $400.00-500.00 for our Havanese will guarantee a pick of a pup. Our collected deposit picking order works as follows: Show or full registration will pick after we do, then the limited registrations. You can be put on our waiting list but, this will NOT guarantee you a puppy. Because of an overwhelming demand for our babies, you need to send the reservation fee & contact us as soon as you know you want one of our pups. Reservation fee will be applied to cost of your pup. Deposits are non-refundable.

Can you provide references?
  • Yes, we will be more than happy to provide you with many references from our families with puppies. You can also find many previous customer comments on our customer comments page.

How much do your puppies cost?
  • Prices vary per puppy. Cost depends on the color, sex and the show or pet quality. We do not sell any dog under $1000 this is for a retiree and any pup under 2500.00. So, if your priority is cheap cost and not health and quality, you should look elsewhere. We have invested into top show dogs/lines and various ofa health testing. None of which unfortunately comes by cheap.

Why do your puppies cost more then some other breeders?
  • Our puppies prices are based on what we put into our babies and our breeding program as well as the time we spend and the love we give to our pups. We do not at this time make any money from our puppies. We put all of the sale price back into each of our dogs, the next breeding, vet bills and showing costs. We feed top quality foods to ensure our dogs and pups health. Health testing is very important to ensure our pups good health and it isn't cheap. We spare no expense when it comes to producing top quality healthy socialized loved puppies.

Male or female? Which is better behaved?
  • Female pups seem to be much more popular to customers. As for temperament differences I do not see any difference in male or female it is more energy level and that is puppy to puppy.

Do you vaccinate your puppies?
  • Yes, each puppy will come with the required shots and a record to show your vet. Shots include Bordetella and a-5 way puppy vaccinations at the appropriate age. We also do several rounds of worming just to be sure that they are in top health!

What will come with my puppy?
  • I send alot of learning materials/ebooks via email on care, grooming, crate and potty training as well as puppy basic obedience. You will receive a packet which will contain all the information on shots and worming your baby received while here. Your puppy will come to you well socialized with other pets and children. You are also welcome to any and all questions you may have for the life of your new baby.

Are the puppies vet checked before they go home?
  • Yepper! Each puppy is vet checked before going home to ensure they are good for sale.

Do you OFFA test your puppies?
  • Most of the OFFA tests can not be done until they are at least 1 year so, no we do not offa test our babies. What we do is OFFA test the parents and the idea is the healthier the parents the healthier the puppy. From time to time we are able to offer an optional service on our babies at least 5 weeks old(which has a fee) for the OFFA BAER test when we visit Cornell.

If I am looking for a pet price does that mean my puppy will come spay/neutered?
  • No, when you choose a pet price, you will sign a spay/neuter contract with us which states you will be responsible to spay/neuter your new pet when your vet says they are ready usually between 6 months to a year old.

What type of food do you feed?
  • For our little babies we like the Vets Choice-Holistic Health Extension- Little Bites. After trying a lot of different Holistic dog foods, we have chosen the Vets Choice not for what it has in it (even though what it has in it is outstanding) but, for what it does not, there is no By products, wheat, corn or Soy, no gluten's among other things as these are what cause food allergies. It is a great food source w vitamins that would be great for any dogs with allergies, coat problems or joint problems. There is also no product change w regards to the Little Bites and the Original it is just bigger kibble. For the adults- We like Vets Choice- Holistic Health Extension-Origional, it is a holistic food with free range organic chicken as the 1st ingredient. It keeps our show quality dogs in the best fit condition. Also, if you ever run out of a food source you can eat it too. You can order this food from us (must be ordered in advance)contact us for prices.

Do you allow visits?
  • Yes, we do. We like each visit to be scheduled as no visits are allowed when we have babies that are under 6 weeks of age.

Do you have older dogs available?
  • The older dogs we generally have are those that are due to retire. We offer these babies at a special reduced prices to good homes.

Do you remove dew claws?
  • No, after a traumatic incident with one of our small puppies dew claw removal we will no longer remove them. It is not life threatening to keep them it is just basically in the way when you brush. It may also be alittle harder to maintain the nail that the dew claw has but, your groomer can easily take care of this. We suggest that if you deem it necessary to cut off you do it when the pup undergoes anesthesia for it's spay/neuter.

What forms of payment do you accept?
  • We accept all major credit cards, money orders, cash and paypal for payment. When paying via credit card or paypal add 4% to the total.

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