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We have a lifetime take back guarantee: We will take any puppy bred by us for its lifetime if you find you are unable to care for it.

The buyer is required to sign a printed version of their contract agreement before taking home any puppy from us.

This is our pet only puppy contract: (there are other contracts with longer terms in regards to the years of guarantee). In purchasing the pet only puppy described, I agree to the following as indicated by my signature below.

  • guarantees this pup for 12 months from the date of birth to be free of hereditary or congenital defects which causes serious permanent life threatening defect/death or a recommendation from a competent licensed practicing veterinarian that the dog be euthanized. All verification's must be presented in writing, on a veterinarian's letterhead and signed by him/her. A necropsy report (at owner's expense) is also required stating the defect. There are certain disorders that maybe caused by non-genetic illnesses, that are not covered by this agreement which include: respiratory infections, hernias, giardia, hypoglycemia, underbite, overbite, coccidia, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demadectic mange, and other autoimmune disorders. If within the contract term the pup develops a serious permanent life threatening defect or dies due to a hereditary or congenital defect we will replace the puppy with an available puppy of your choice. We do not cover any conditions that are brought on by injury, abuse, environment or neglect. . If neglect or abuse can be proven you have canceled any and all contracts and any and all fee’s for any condition brought on by the abuse/neglect are to be paid by the buyer and the buyer shall surrender the dog in question back to the seller.
  • 2. If the Buyer chooses to return the pet all shipping/delivery charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
  • 3. Never, under any circumstances will the dog be used/sold to breed, fight, be placed permanently tied up living outside, be placed in the humane society, puppy mill, pet broker, pet store, pound, Lab or other facilities (private or public) or any facilities that practice experiments or euthanasia of animals whether accidental or deliberate on buyers part. It is buyers responsibility to continue solicializing the pup.
  • 4. Purchaser agrees to exercise normal care and protection in maintaining the puppy’s health. (a) A licensed practicing vet must due a office visit/health check wi 7 days of pickup by the buyer (b) Annual vaccinations required by your veterinarian (c) Annual screening for heartworm detection (d) Basic obedience classes (e) flee and tick prevention
  • 5. The puppy has been health certified by our veterinarian with no signs of illness and we have provided a Veterinary heath certificate. The puppy has been thoroughly wormed and vaccinated with at least the first series of shots. All vet costs are buyer’s responsibility once they have taken possession.
  • 6. This opportunity is being provided by the seller for the sole purpose of providing the buyer with a healthy, long term pet/companion (7 to 15 years) and does not guarantee the puppies size, weight, color or bite when full grown.
  • 7. When a refund/return is asked for by the buyer due to any buyer personal reasons (this does not include puppy or dogs health issues described above) the refund works as follows: once said pup is rehomed you will receive the funds minus the non refundable deposit and any fee’s incurred. After said pup has reached 12 weeks of age, no refunds will be issued. We will help you place a puppy bred by us for life when possible if you find you are unable to care for the pup. Do not enter into this agreement/contract unless you are 110% sure as it is a new baby.
  • 8. exceeds the guidelines set forth by the NY State Lemon Law Act.
Deposit is non refundable no exceptions. Understand that buying and raising a pet is a big responsibility just like bring home a new baby. It is a commitment that will be in your life for anywhere from 7 to 15 years depending on the type or breed. We recommend first time pet owners do their research and not buy a pet based on impulse. Please feel free to share any questions or concerns you may have before buying a new pet. We take great pride in the babies we raise, and we do know that happy, healthy pets result in happy satisfied pet owners.

If something does happen to go wrong outside the contract term we will always be happy to help, even when our guarantee doesn't cover it.

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